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Windows 7 VM stop error in VMWare Fusion 4

I have a Toshiba Satellite Laptop running Windows 7 Enterprise 64-BIT. I bought a MacBook Pro for development and work purposes with the intention of moving my Toshiba as a VM so that I could pass it on to my daughter for school work.
I decided on purchasing VMWare Fusion 4.

Initially, I connected my Toshiba to the Mac via a 1GB switch and installed the Fusion Agent on the Toshiba. The creation of the VMWare image failed - although I couldn't see a specific error. VMWare support told me to remove the Fusion Agent and use the standalone VMWare converter.

I used the converted and saved the VM to an external HD. This conversion didn't error, so I copied the VM to the MacBook, and used VMWare to create a new VM using the vdmk file.

However, when I attempt to boot from this VM, it gives a BSOD with the 0x0000007b error - which I believe is an inaccessible boot device.

Does anyone PLEASE have any suggestions on how to repair this because I certainly don't want to have to install everything from scratch...
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