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StringBuilder is not writing values on page

Dear Experts
I am using below mentioned query to display result downside to the search boxes. The record is getting against the query is two. but its not writing any thing on page. Neither showing any error.
Please help to fix it

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Jaime Olivares
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This is because you are just filling a StringBuilder object but you are not sending/writing it to the page.
You need something like Response.Write(sb.ToString()); at the end of your method.
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It would display result in bottom?
Because response.write was already working I only change it stringbuilder to get result down side the search window
GetResult is returning nothing neither outputing something, which is non-sense.
I don't know where else you put Response.Write but it is not connected with the sb you created in GetResult.
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The attached query is showing result after added Response.Write(sb.ToString()); at the end of your method. but I need to place result on the bottom of search criteria. Please help me to do that.

User generated imagecode1.txt
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worked. Thanks a lot
actually, This is my first application