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Change image on click

Hi Experts,

The code below should toggle two images. When the page is run on the first click the image changes but it then does not change on any more clicks.

function ChangeImage(){

imageSrc = document.getElementById('ToDo2').getAttribute("src");
                    if (imageSrc == "/images/tickred.jpg") {
                        document.getElementById('ToDo2').setAttribute("src", "/Images/tickGreen.png");

                    if (imageSrc == "/images/tickgreen.png") {
                        document.getElementById('ToDo2').setAttribute("src", "/Images/tickRed.jpg");


I know one image is a jpg and one a png.
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Check spelling: tickred.jpg or tickRed.jpg? tickgreen.png or tickGreen.png?
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Hi thehagman,

Changed everything to lower case and it is still doing the same. Image toggles for the first time only. I have change the images around and it does not matter which one is displayed first. It toggles once only.
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