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Adobe Acrobat x Field formatting

I am creating a form in excel and then creating a form in Acrobat Pro X using the excel spreadsheet.  Only four of many fields are coming across as check boxs.  I want to change the properties of other cells in Excel to come across as check boxes when the PDF is created, or alternatively, I would like to change the acrobat form fields to make them check boxes.

I cannot solve this issue in either Excel of Acrobat and I don;t know why a few of the fields are coming over as check boxes.

Help please.

The files are attached.

Thank you
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Berkson Wein
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Can you tell us what steps you're taking in Excel to get to this point?  Are you using the acrobat tab and clicking on the "Create PDF" icon or are you doing something else?
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The steps I am taking are as follows:
1) I am creating the spreadsheet "free-form" by entering text, adjusting row heights, adjusting column widths and adding borders to cells to represent the check boxes.  Nothing fancy.
2)  I then open Acrobat Pro X and choose create a PDF and choose the excel file.
3) When the PDF is loaded I use the tools form create function to turn it into a fillable form.

Thank you for your help.
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I selected this as the solution becuase it is the exact solution i was searching for and I located it myself.