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Sonicwall TZ100W, problem adding a WAN to LAN rule.

Hi Team,

I'm trying to add a rule to my personal sonic wall to allow access one of my devices from the outside. I have added the correct NAT and firewall rule but I keep on getting this error message on the logs:

07/01/2012 12:58:31.272      Notice      Network Access      TCP connection dropped, 40228, X1, 9090, X0      TCP SonicWALL WAN Management      4 (WAN->LAN)

I even removed Rule 4 which blocks any wan to lan and I still get this:
07/01/2012 12:52:01.768      Notice      Network Access      TCP connection dropped, 40107, X1, 9090, X0      TCP SonicWALL WAN Management

Any ideas?
Thank you
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Shane McKeown
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TCP Connection dropped means firewall isn't allowing traffic(normally)

Can  you show a screenshot of the firewall rule? Is it a specific port you are passing through?
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Syed Muhammad Usman
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