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Help with delete query

It's me again. I have manage to delete records from an access table using an excel userform using the code below. But the only way I am able do so if all fields have a value it it.  So I have a date field and about 6 other numeric fields. When I search for a record, it may not have a value in one of the fields. If it doesn't before I can delete it, I would need to replace the blank fields with a 0, update it, then I can delete the record. How can I delete the record regardless of blank fields or not.

strDelete = "Delete from tblMsrTotals Where businessDate = #" & txtbusinessDate.Text & "# and advances = " & txtadvances.Text & " and advanceAmount = " & txtadvanceAmount.Text & " and denied = " & txtdenied.Text & " and stopPayments = " & txtstopPayments.Text & " and branchLoc = " & txtbranchLoc.Text & " and cpg = " & txtCpg.Text & ""

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Thank you. I decided to take your advice and define default value of 0 to the table. That works for me. The other suggestions seem a bit indimidating.