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Internet Connection Down SBS 2008 Which Services to Restart


Whenever their is power outage in our building a fair few of late we reboot the router and NTU and then normally we have to reboot the SBS Server to restore the net connection. My questions which specific services on SBS should we restart to  try restore the net connection, before going through a complete server reboot which take about 20 minutes.

Thank you.

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Rob Williams

8/22/2022 - Mon
Larry Struckmeyer MVP

Hmmm.... If the power is out for only a brief time the UPS should keep it all up.  If the power is off for any longer than the known stable time for the UPS you should have already shut off all the IT equipment.  

What type of internet service do you have?  Could it just be that the ISP supplied equipment needs more time than you expect to recycle after the power fails?

Seems to me there are only three possibilites.  Your equipment remains up, which means it should not lose the connection, and the ISP supplied peices reset, or everything resets, or the ISP stuff stays up and one or more of your peices resets.  It would be very useful in troubleshooting this to know which of those three things occcures.

The type of internet service is an ADSL connection.

When I reboot The ISP modem and router they fully autheticate connect to the internet and when I plug a laptop in directly I get an internet connection. However the SBS server doesn't pickup I have an internet connection until after I have rebooted the server.

The equipment in the server room does remain up, the ups takes care of that. However the internet connection does drop out (obviously) when a power outage occurs. If I give the modem/router about 5 minutes it will pick their the internet connection again and connect, but I reboot the equipment because it's quicker.

Which leads to think that one of the SBS services isn't detecting the internet connection correctly after it has dropped out.

Thank you.
Rob Williams

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Larry Struckmeyer MVP

. However the internet connection does drop out (obviously) when a power outage occurs.

I don't see anything obvious about that.  The power would have to be off for the ISP as well.  If all the bits in your office are live, the signal should remain constant.
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William Peck

Thanks guys it turned it was a dynamic IP that was being assigned to the server by the cisco router we have here. I can't believe a Cisco guy would set it up like that anyway I have changed it to static tested in and all seems well.

Rob Williams

As mentioned earlier; "I am assuming your SBS has a static IP ?????  If it had a dynamic IP the symptoms you described would occur.  It should be static. "
The Cisco fellow would not be responsible for setting the server IP.  Regardless, glad to hear it has been resolved.
Thanks hellworld12345

PS: if that is the case it means the router is the DHCP server.  Though it is not compulsory, the SBS should be your DHCP server.  If not make sure the Cisco router only assigns the SBS's IP for DNS and the server also hands out the DNS suffix (mydomain.local).