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How can I find the right storage drivers for an old server with old adaptec controllers and ide controllers

Good evening Experts,

I am trying to salvage to old servers that I procured at an auction. The problem that I am having with the servers are that they cant seem to find adaptec storage drivers or the Western Digital Storage drivers. On new machines this is not an issue as the install takes care of all that stuff.

I simply trying to install Windows 7 32 bit  (I dont think the motherboard/processors dont support 64bit archectures. The Following images are provided for you to see the problem visually and consequently respond accordingly.


Dual Processors
User generated image
SCSI Drives
User generated image
SCSI Terminator
User generated image
IDE Drive
User generated image
User generated image

User generated image
System Name
User generated image
IDE Peripheral Setup
User generated image
Boot Device Priority
User generated image
Boot Process
User generated image
Windows 7 Startup
User generated image
User generated image
User generated image

At this point I should be seeing my harddrives (Both SCSI and IDE) but no luck. So I started on a journey to download the appropriate AIC7902 ADAPTEC storage drivers and Western Digtal storage drivers. I downloaded what I believe to be the correct drivers on a USB device, so when the  Select Driver to be installed , I simply should be able to browse the USB like so:

User generated image

Thats it guys. I look forward to your anticipated responses
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thanks for the response, but my images clearly show that the IDE drives appear in the bios. I am not interested in a raid scenario , as it is not germane to my issue , which is to find the appropriate storage drivers for the scsi drives and ide drive. Also, I thought my images would spark some conversation about what specific make and model this server is and what type of motherboard it actually is. I will do a more indept query looking for the exact make and model. Please continue to respond if you think of anything else.

See if you can find the hardware/device IDs for them...
click the 'start' orb, type in msinfo32.exe and click the msinfo32 or msinfo32.exe that appears at the top, just below Programs.

On the left, expand Components, then click Problem Devices.

On the right side, click on the PNP Device ID line, then click Edit->Copy on the menu bar. Paste them each into Notepad/Wordpad or whatever editor you want, then copy and paste the lot into a message here. We would need at least the
PCI\Ven_xxxx&Dev_xxxx parts.
Right, here is the motherboard  Not Intel but looks like a Tyan. talks about your board and gives links to Tyan page.

Tyan manual

Various drivers here

The Vista drivers may work.
Have you tried installing Windows 7 by booting from the existing operating system? Or installing from the usb drive?
those were the first things I tried, both the USB option and booting from existing OS.
The manual for the system board says that the maximum capacity for the IDE/SATA drives is 160GB (page 34) and you don't want to boot to the SCSI.  Use it for additional storage.
Get an 80 or 120GB IDE/SATA drive and I'll bet things work much better.
Good morning experts,
I have been under the weather for a few days, but I am back. I will be testing your suggestions and get back to you soon.