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FTP for scanner Mac

Our company uses a shared scanner/printer/copier. All of our pc's get scans from this machine via a FTP program that the company provided. We have a new guy that needed a Mac so the company bought him one. The copier company said they do not have a FTP program for the Mac because it is built in. They said it is easy to setup, but if I want them to do it, it will cost $150 for a service call. How would I set this up?
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Ask the person who *needs* the MAC to pay the $150. Truly, that is what I would do. It will save you an enormous amount of time.  ... Thinkpads_User
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OSX comes with FTP Server service but it is not enabled by default in the latest OSX Lion and it is no longer easy to switch on in the System Preferences as it was in previous versions of OSX.

Does the Mac need to have an FTP Server running to accept the incoming scan over FTP or a simple FTP client to download the file from the scanner?

If a FTP client is required then you can use CyberDuck .. easy to use and free -

If a FTP Server is required I'd recommend you use PureFTPd Manager for OSX (rather than the in-built OSX FTP Service) as there is an easy to use GUI and there is LOTS of control in where the FTP server can run etc.
You may not need to install anything. See this Apple KB:

In particular, the last paragraph which reads:

Preview and other applications

"Open Preview from your Dock or the Applications folder.
First enable Networked devices. Choose File > Import from Scanner > Include Networked Devices.
Select your scanner. Choose File > Import from Scanner > (your scanner under "Network Devices")."

BTW, what model scanner is it?
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I havent had a chance to try these things but will when I return from Cambodia.
Still havent tried, will try soon.
The guy with the Mac was fired so this is no longer a concern!
zelfanet - In future you might want to split the points between those experts who assisted or provided partial answers in future to encourage them to assist.