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Terminal Server 2008 Slowness Issue and recommendations

hi experts
    we have a deployment where 5-6 users access all there data trough terminal server
The users are real-estate agents and they use internet, Emails, download images etc on the terminal server

The main office is getting a download speed of 300KB/s with a line of 2.5Mbps

The internet download speed at the remote site where these users are is 700KB/s

Now the issue is that the users report the connection to be very slow and they are expecting it to be realtime

The server is performing relaxed as i have monitored the performance and i believe it’s not the server but the internet speed

The OS is server 2008 R2, Desktop experience enabled as was required by the users.

I plan to propose them an internet plan upgrade but last thing we want is no performance boost after upgrading as well

Has anyone had  experience with a similar setup,,,,
Which is the best way to go about it...

What is the recommended internet speed for an optimal terminal server session
Download and upload
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Hi there,
 It will be very hard to got recomendation about internet connection and et.c with the details above. For good recomendation some analyses need to be done.
lets start from this questinos:
 - Did users experience this slow responce only in peak hours or it is a constant behavior?
 - Did experiece get better if they connect from the internal network?
 - What exaclty the users are doing?
 - the beauty of the RDP is that it only trasfer picture from the server and keystrokes and mouse clicks from the user - so no real need for huge bandwith?
- are they trying to use the copy & paste functin between their PC and the Server using the RDP sessino?
- Did this behavior change recently?
- Are they passing trought firewall, TMG , etc.

You could also try to review the bandwith report from the ISP and compare the load with the time when the user complain.

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