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Access & Excel Error message - Not enough system resource to display completely

Recently I got a new computer and upgraded all the system but received this error message(Not enough system resource to display completely). I  haven't had any problem with the old system. After exporting an Excel format report from Access using VB script, Excel Macro template fixes the report format and the error message occurs.
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Would you please review the script below----

Function OutputData()

Dim DateStamp As Variant
DateStamp = Format(Now() - (Now() - Int(Now() / 7) * 7), "mm-dd-yy")

DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel9, "Instock", "C:TEST\ Instock by Size " & DateStamp & ".xls", True, "Data"

SleepNow 10

End Function

Function ExcelMacro()
SleepNow 5

Dim DateStamp As Variant
DateStamp = Format(Now() - (Now() - Int(Now() / 7) * 7), "mm-dd-yy")
Dim myExcelFile As Object
'Create MS Excel object.
Set myExcelFile = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
'Show Excel.
myExcelFile.Visible = True
'Open the file.
myExcelFile.Workbooks.Open ""C:TEST\ Instock by Size " & DateStamp & ".xls"
myExcelFile.Application.Run "MACRO"

Function SleepNow(NumSecs As Integer)

  Dim dIn  As Date
  On Error Resume Next
  dIn = Now
   If NumSecs = 0 Then NumSecs = 1

   Loop Until DateDiff("s", dIn, Now) > NumSecs

End Function
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