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SQL database on new server

we have been made to take over the hosting of a database that we used to outsource, since I have no former experience with SQL I don’t really know what I am doing , so here goes.
I have installed 2012 sql express on our 2008 server and have downloaded the files via FTP from the old hosts of the site.

I want to run the database so that internal staff can still connect  to it the same way using IE, I don’t need to be able to connect from outside the network VIA the internet.
I have downloaded the back up of the database and all the site documents from the old supplier
My question is can I get this database running on my server and what changes should I need looking it too to make it all work
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Thank you for your response to my question and sorry I have one more, I have already one database running on the SQL 2012 express  and I don’t want to damage it or wipe it as our company has just paid for another to install it remotely.
So am I still able to run another database on this Server, I know this may seem a stupid question but as I have had no past experience and need to learn fast I don’t want to make any silly mistakes, also any books you can recommend for total beginners ¿
I have just followed your guide and all has worked, thank you so much.
I shall leave this open till tomorrow just in case I need to ask you anything else if you don't  mind,
once again thank you.
Sry for delay. As you just found out, yes you can create mulitple databases on the 1 server without worrying about changing the database installed from other vendor. However, I would recommend you install your own version of SQl Server on your local PC for testing purposes so that there is zero chance of affecting the customers environment.

As far as educational needs, MSDN is Microsoft's technical web site which contains needed tutorials. is also another good place to start since video's are easier to follow.
Thank you very much for your fantastic advice and the answer to my question