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Using software raid (disk mirror) on windows small business server 2011 essentials

I need to create a software raid on SBS Essentials 11.  I have two 160gb drives.  I understand how to mirror the first drive but the option is grayed out.  Not sure why.

This is really a two part question, Server Folder error and Mirror drive option not active but the resolution will allow me to create the software raid or mirror drive option in SBSE
Drive 1 has been setup with Server folder and contains the correct info; client computer backups, users, and company.
After I formatted the Drive 2 so I could see it to create the software raid.
Drive 2 has "Server folder" on it that I didn't create. There are no sub folders or files in it.  

Can I just delete this folder?  Then will the option be active to mirror drive?  I didn't want to just delete it because now when I try to add folders they direct it to Drive 2 to Server folder.

I want to keep the functionality of Server Folders

Error when I try to add Server Folder change location to Drive 1 Server Folders.  
"Server Folder can't be added to a folder that contains a shared folder, select a different file location".

Just for clarification why I am using software raid;
I could not use hardware raid on install due to the fact SBS Essentials only read drive as 149gb and this doesn't meet requirements, most be 160gb.  So I am trying to do the software raid.

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8/22/2022 - Mon

you need to convert the first disk to dynamic first with disk administrator. Then you should be OK (Unless you have an issue with free space, but we'll know if that is the case once you try converting first).

Once the raid is set up, you will have a new "C" drive that actually is comprised of the two individual disks (which you will still be able to see from disk admin).

Both disks will contain the same data, except for some housekeeping stuff that you won't notice unless you are a programmer and go looking for such things.

Yes, I understand how to create it but the Server Folder is now on Drive 2.  It will only creation of folder to this location.

Adding new folder to Server Folder defaults to Drive 2 Server Folder and not to Drive 1 Server Folder.

Attempt to change location and error.  Somehow the Drive 2 Server is now active for adding folders.  How can I correct this before I create the mirror.

After you click mirror image on drive it will automatically prompt to create Dynamic Disk.
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Please address the problem with adding folders on the Server Folder.  Currently after I formatted the drive:H the Server Folder is the only location I can add folders too.  

When I try to select the Server Folder on Drive:D it's not allowed.  Drive:D is what I want to mirror.  

Question is once I delete Drive:H to become mirror of Drive:D, what will happen when I attempt to add folder to Server Folder?  Currently it's not allowed on Drive:D
Shane McKeown

Very confusing what you are asking here, to help can you screenshot the Disk Management screen so we can assist?

How many drives have you? 2? You are trying to mirror Drive 1 to drive 2?

Yes 2 drives
Had to format second drive to see it on SBS essentials.
I am worried about deleting drive that the now default Server Folder is on.
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Best to just supply a screen shot of disk admin.  Your statements are a bit ambiguous and none of us want to risk you destroying data because we weren't all on the same page.
Shane McKeown

Not familiar with the 'Server folder' part of SBS but from reading it appears the location for those folders have somehow either moved or are including 2 disks from your original post

But as @dlethe mentions I too am not going to say yes to deleting the folder from the formatted disk just in case it causes more problems...

From the console when you click into Server Folders are there 2 locations showing? Or even the 2 disks showing?

Need 2 screenshots to help - Disk Management screenshot and the Server Folders screenshot from the SBS Console - can you provide?

I can in about 2 hours. Not able to connect to Server right now.

Yes, in Essentials a Server Folder is created on install. The folders in side are shared with users. This is where company file and other stated before resides.

That is why I don't want to force creating the dynamic disk creation.
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William Peck

Updated with pics.

Goal is to mirror C: & D:

The option to "Add Mirror" is not active.  Why?  Volume H: has been assigned for storage, taken from D:

I just crossed my fingers and deleted H:

The Add Mirror function for D: is now active and I created the software raid.

Had little info about Server Folder on SBS Essentials.