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Owned schemas missing

Hi Experts

I have a strange case for one database. We have a product with its own schema and users. Normally, when using SSMS, if I goto Security (at the database level) and choose a user, the owned schemas is populated and the schema that the user owns is checked.

In a restored copy back from a client for testing, the owned schemas panel is blank, and appears to be greyed out. I do not appear to be able to make this panel be populated. To further confuse me, if I select schemas from the security node, I see all the expected schemas.

Every other copy of these databases received back from clients and restored from backup has correctly populated this panel (and we are talking close to a hundred here).

How do I resolve/repair this?

Thanks in advance

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SQL Server 2008 - both us and client - we have instances of most versions and match our copies to the version the client is using

Compatibility - something I didn't think of - SQL Server 2000

Security - SQL Server Authentication our supplied users and schemas - and we have remapped the database user to the SQL Server users- is part of our standard for restoring - although there could be a couple of user names they have added that are not in our system - but we are not interested in them - only when looking at our users.
Bingo, you get the points!!

Compapabilty level!
Spot on - great thinking!