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Migrate DHCP SERVER 2003 (32bit) TO DHCP SERVER 2008 (64BIT) R2

All, im planing a DHCP database migration from 2003 to 2008 64 R2, Am i missing any details or steps?? This need to be seamless with no issues please confirm.

Migrate 2003 DHCP Database to 2008 DHCP Database

A - Install the DHCP role on the WS08 server (do not authorise DHCP at this point)
B -  Stop the DHCP service on the WS03 server after export and before authorising the new DHCP server.

1. Export DHCP database from the source 2003 server using cmd:
netsh dhcp server export C:\dhcpdatabase.dat all
2. On the 2008 server, copy the exported DHCP file to the C:\ directory
3. Run the below using an administrator cmd:
netsh dhcp server import c:\dhcpdatabase.dat all
4. Review all configurations to confirm everything has been imported correctly.
5. Authorise the WS08 server DHCP service, a green arrow will appear when successful.
6. Test new DHCP server start up DHCP clients and confirm IP's are being provided.
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Brad Bouchard

It sounds like you've done your homework, however I've taken a much simpler approach and had it work just as easy.  I do this:

1) Install DHCP role on new server and create my scope and my scope options that match my old DHCP server but do not authorize the new one.
2) Remove the role from the old server and authorize/start the service on the new server
3)  At this point you can manually release/renew clients or you can wait for their leases to expire.  Once they expire they will broadcast to any DHCP servers listening and pull an address from any available that are authoritative.

Way easier and if anyone disputes this I can demo it live.
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Your plans are correct.

I wouldn't be worried about doing things the easy way.
As mentioned, you've done your homework, so stick to what you've planned.
I'm more interested in doing it the correct way with zero impact to your environment
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Ok, for starters I have 13 scopes on different subnets, exclusions etc. I was going to install the DHCP Role with my options, and leave the scope (Empty) and let the import take care of this, will this work?
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Leon Fester
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thanks.. will implement in about two weeks.