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linux netbook install hang

I've tried a couple of different flavors (ubuntu, mandriva) of linux and several different apps to convert my iso so that my usb stick is bootable, but they all hang on startup with the
syslinux (4.04, 4.06, etc) edd boot screen and it will go no farther.
Am I not setting something up correctly, or is this a potential compatibility problem?
I'm not familiar with linux installations, so I'm looking for guidance from those that have gone before me.  Trying to wipe out everything on the disk and install a fresh copy...
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Hi, did you try - It's very easy.
Which brand/type netbook do you have btw?
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Yep, I've tried that one.  
Regardless, they all boot to that same line (though different versions) and just hang...
Just upgraded the BIOS, and still the same results.
I'm trying this on a vaio VGNP530H.
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Excellent recommendation as well. unetbootin may actually be a more "turn key" solution.
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kblack, I was with you up until  

Mount DVD1, if it isn't automounted (on /media, or /mnt). The following assumes /mnt/USB and /mnt/DVD.

I don't have linux installed anywhere.  I'm wanting to play around with it, and this seemed like a good target device for it.

gerwinjansen, I'll give that a shot...thanks.
You'll have to set up the flash drive beforehand. The part of the instructions you had trouble with are related to initially configuring the flash key. You can use ISOBurn or similar...
Tried the route outlined at 38149939 - I had high hopes, but alas it too fails to proceed beyond the syslinux (4.03) screen. :(
Hmm, is there a way you can boot from a USB CD/DVD device? That way you'd just have to burn the ISO. Does your netbook have a boot menu that you use to select the boot device from?
Usb only.  The bios does allow me to choose external device to boot from.  Those instructions mentioned to use the right-side usb, for some reason, but still no joy.
>> Usb only
You mean that you have a USB DVD drive and your netbook does not boot from it?
I only have usb ports - no dvd drive at all.
It will boot from the usb, but not proceed past that syslinux screen...
I've been looking at the Sony support site and found that they have a usb dvd drive available, I'm not telling you to buy one but is it possible that you borrow a usb dvd drive from a friend and see if your netbook will boot from it? I don't understand why you netbook is not booting from usb thumbdrive other than there would be some hardware issue. I'm thinking of some other usb bootable image for you to test with.
No, I have no desire to purchase a dvd drive.  I knew there was one, I just don't really use this device and thought it would be a great opportunity to load it up with linux and get some exposure to it.  Wish it was more informative as to what the problem is on bootup...
I agree :) - try borrowing one if you can. You may try creating a Windows bootable USB thumb drive. There are a lot of samples out there, here is one providing you have a Windows7 machine available with installation media:
Fairly certain I could go that route, but what will that get me for ultimately loading linux on here?  Or has there been a miscommunication here all along?  I have a bootable usb drive, I have Vista on the device now.  I want to wipe that out completely and just load a linux os on it...
>> what will that get me for ultimately loading linux on here
I'm merely trying to find you a means to run the Linux installer, since USB thumb drive attempts failed until now, I'd be interested to know if a Linux bootable DVD would run on you machine. This is why I am suggesting to create a Windows bootable USB thumb drive because that one does not use the Linux loader (again: this is just to determine if you have some weird hardware issue). Trying a bootable USB DVD would be the best option IMHO.
Well the system is obviously booting from the usb drive.  I don't know enough about linux to know what this indicates, but I have seen this model posted elsewhere running ubuntu.
Is there some method for loading the code locally and launching it from within Windows?
Booting from within windows won't work, you can try wubi for example but this adds Ubuntu to an existing windows installation but without modifying partitions. this is not the final ssolution you want but at least you can determine if your netbook will run linux. wubi is here:
I think I've simply given up on this.  Not sure if it's a hardware compatibility issue or not, but it doesn't seem that there is a successful way of loading any form of linux on this device.
Thanks for trying.
Well, it's not that we didn't put enough effort in it...