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Greylist problem Exchange 2010

Hello dear Experts.
I would like some assistance in this issue regarding greylist.

We migrated from Exchange 2003 to 2010 recently and with the new server we get stuck in greylist from some specific domains.
According to the owner of the domain, our server sends the email - it gets rejected and then Exchange tries to send it again 4-5 times with an interval of 1 minute.

To get though the greylist, they want me to change the settings for my Exchange server to keep trying for more than 20 minutes and I dont think the "retry interval" of 1 min is default, is it?
From what I have understood, this can be changed in;
C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Bin\MSExchangeTransport.exe.config

Any suggestions or anyone with a similar problem?
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Greylisting is the temporary rejection of an email, with a "Try again later" message.

Most Greylisting will allow you to retry within a minute (my Exchange 2010 server with Vamsoft ORF installed does) and I haven't adjusted any settings on Exchange to get my emails out and they all go.

It sounds like the receiving end might be configured badly IMHO and I would ask if this is just a single domain that is causing you problems.

The fact that they have asked you to retry for 20 minutes or so suggests that they have adjusted their software to not listen for 20 minutes, which defeats the purpose of Greylisting.

It isn't a 'come back in 20 minutes' anti-spam tool, it is an 'I'm ignoring your first connection attempt but will listen to your next connection attempt more seriously' tool, so IMHO, you shouldn't have to adjust your settings, the receiving end should fix theirs.

@alanhardisty is spot on. This sounds like an odd setup on the recipients end. You can amend the retry settings as you have noted in your question, but it's really a misconfiguration at their end that is causing your problem.
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The domain owner is accually the city I live in, so its their schools and public sector I cant though to by email. They say that they dont have a problem from other people getting mails though so it must be from my side.

@ashokpumca : The link you gave me is for Exchange 2003 where this was a common problem it seems. I have read that though before and it did not help me :()

The above should be helpful.

You will need to check for glitch interval and count, transient interval and count and also resubmit time. These values will let you know what is happening
Is your server up-to-date with Service Packs for Exchange and Rollups.

Try sending me a test email to alan and see what my greylisting forces your server to do.
@alanhardisty the server is up-to-date with SPs and Rollups yes.
I just sent you an email and it got rejected at first, then tried again with success. (It seems :))
Okay - I received your email and it got Greylisted and then your server tried again after 2 minutes and then it sailed through.

Just running some other checks to see if anything else is afoot.  Be right back.
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Thank you very much for your research and assistance. I will contact my recipient and tell them to fix their greylist :)
You are welcome.  If they come back to you with anything that you need more help resolving / understanding / rejecting, please let me know.

Good luck and thanks for the points.