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The Type or Namespace Does Not Exist

Hi everyone,

Please bear with me, this is quite a specific issue which I'll try and detail as best I can.

I've inherited a couple of Visual Studio projects, one of which references another. In a class in a project called TCG.Toolkit there is a reference to a class called The1440.Classes.Designer.

This project used to compile without any problems, now the Designer bit of the the using statement has a red underline and in the references section of the project there is a little yellow triangle next to the reference.

I have tried adding in the reference again but I cannot see a class called Designer in the The1440.Classes project.

I have tried changing the .NET version from 4 to 3.5 and back again as I read somewhere that this can sometimes cause the problem.

Please let me know what other information you may need to solve this problem.

Thanks in anticipation.
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well, if you cannot see the designer class then thats where the problem is. what happens if you comment that code which refers to this designer class. does it compile ok?
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No, there's other references in the Class which may have been in the missing class, although it's tough to say how things were set-up before it went awry.

There is a class in the TCG.Toolkit, within the library folder, called Designer.cs - do you think it's possible that this has been dragged by mistake across the projects?
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I really can't explain with this had happened, but if my solution helps someone else not to feel like they're banging their head against a wall, I'll be happy.