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SSIS - Send Mail Task not sending mail


I created/migrated a SSIS 2005 Package.
I receive a Success in the Debug window.
Yet I do not receive the email.

Here is a snap shot of the SSIS Package NewMail
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1.  Right click on one of the email tasks and select "Execute Task"
     (does it work executed by itself?)

2.  Did you set up an SMTP Connection Manager?  (see image)
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I executed the Mail Task and I received a Success in the Debug window but no email.
I also created a SMTP connection to the Exchange2 Server.  What is really funny is that I have created other SSIS Packages and the Mail Task work fine by me receiving the email.

Please help and thanks

Just noticed that the SSIS Packages where I do not receive an email have attachments.  So I was hoping that you could help me figure that out.

So the task not working has an attachment, which is different than the ones that do work?

Assuming so...
I would (1) temporarily take off the attachments.  Then (2) try to right click and just execute the Mail Task by itself.

If that works, then double check your attachment.  Is it there?  

If it doesn't, check your SMTP connection info - is that all correct?  If using Windows Authentication, is that the person you're executing as?

Well that was a try anyways.  I took out the attachment but still no email coming back.

I hope you can help and thanks
Any differences in the SMTP connection in the ones that work and the ones that don't?
there is no difference in the SMTP Connections from the ones that work and the ones that don't.  Maybe something up with the Exchange2 Server? and nothing wrong with the SSIS Task?
Are you using Windows Authentication?
No Windows Authentication

I don't know how you're running your package- in test mode, under a credential a machine?  You may try to switch to windows authentication and see how that performs.  

Or try you could try a script task and use sp_send_dbmail .

Not really much to sending an email.  You may need to involve an Exchange administrator.
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