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Deploy Windows Installer 4.5 via SCCM 2007

I am trying to deploy Windows Installer 4.5 to our remaining XP machines via SCCM 2007.  I’m fairly new to SCCM.  I’ve been able to deploy a few applications with an .msi file.  I am having trouble with .exe files.  I have extracted the files, but there are no .msi files as a result.  From what I’ve read, I should be able to deploy an .exe through SCCM.  Can anyone point me in the right direction in how to deploy Windows Installer 4.5, or .exe applications in general?


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Thanks for the link.  I have the setup parameters I want to use - /quiet /norestart.  I am able to run the setup successfully from command line on the local machine.  I used the same commands/parameters when creating the software package in SCCM.  The installation fails.  I'm currently researching what logs to look at in troubleshooting failed software deployment.  My experience thus far is that any .exe file I use fails.  I have been able to extract a setup file and use an .msi, or download an .msi format and deployment is fairly easy.  However, there are only .exe files after extracting the Windows Installer 4.5.  I've tried specifying the update.exe from the extracted files, which installs the update when ran from the GUI.  This fails also.
Thanks npsingh123.  I had to add the right parentheses at the end of line 17.  But, the script works on the local machine.  Now I just have to make it work from SCCM.  I don't think deploying it as a GPO startup script is preferable in this scenario because we have XP and Windows 7 mixed throughout.  Hopefully, I'll post a little later with success.
I believe that WSUS also can update lower versions of Windows Installer to 4.5 and above. You solution maybe as simple as approving/pushing this update.
We don't have WSUS installed as I am anxiously waiting for a server upgrade.  I don't know how much more the system will handle.  Windows Installer 4.5 is not available through Windows Update though 

It was this thread that made me think deploying it via SCCM shouldn't be that difficult.

I have been able to deploy it, but not without user interaction.  When the script is called, it pops up a box to Run or Cancel the executable.  This is the behavior when run locally as well.  I was hoping it would run without interaction from SCCM like other software programs.  I've tried using this:

cscript.exe //nologo //b “installscript.vbs” which was found here 

This did not work either.  If I could get past this I would be good to go.
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This will work.  Thanks a lot for your help!