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VPN between windows servers


I am a computer tech at a company that just opened a second branch.
Both branches have a dell server with windows server foundation 2008.
They need to comunicate, so I managed to get single computers to connect via VPN to the other branch, but I could not get the best solution to work, which is have both windows server connect to each other via vpn, so both networks can see each other transparently to the users.

I have configured an independent domain in each branch with names: domain.office1 and domain.office2. The office2 server can connect to the office1 server through vpn but for some reason I could not get the dns to work properly via vpn on the office1.

The server in office1 cannot connect to the office2 via vpn, it stops at verifyng username and password.

Individual clients can connect to both offices. Dns is working fine in office2, but not in office1.

Office2 is using dhcp from the router, because I could not get the clients to get ips from the dhcp from windows server.

Office1 is using dhcp from the server, and seems to work fine.

Please help!
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