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preg_replace not work when string is file generated by shell script


I generates log file for bash script :

I want to replace the line break or newline by <BR />
but this not have worked

I have tested to replace sftp by <BR />sftp
with :
$file = 'logs.txt';
$subject = readfile($file);
$remplace = '<BR />sftp';
echo preg_replace('/sftp/u', $remplace, $subject);

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but same problem, this not replace sftp by <BR />sftp

the content of logs.txt is :
sftp> cd /products/
sftp> lcd ..
sftp> lcd /data/www/composants/products
sftp> put *

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>file logs.txt
give this result : logs.txt: UTF-8 Unicode text

have you idea ?
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This line seems to perform the replacement and displays the output, but I don't see anything that would actually write to the logs.txt and change the file data:

  echo preg_replace('/sftp/u', $remplace, $subject);
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James Williams
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