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Dell PowerConnect 2824 managed feature

I am trying to change the switch to a Managed switch and it does not seem to work. According to the documentation, I should press the reset button for less than 7 sec and it will automatically reboot and change to Managed switch. The Managed switch light was on but the switch did not reload. Here is the message:
" > to perform reset do not release the mode for 7 seconds. operational mode button is pressed on
Managed status changed from unmanaged to managed state.
Please reconnect from WEBUI "
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Did you try reconnecting to the WEBUI.  From what you've stated:
The Managed switch light was on
Managed status changed from unmanaged to managed state.
It sounds like you've successfully set it to managed mode.
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Yes but according to Dell, if I have the > prompt, I am still in the un-managed mode. What is WEBUI?
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WEBUI is the user interface accessed via a web browser.
I can access it by I do not know the default password. I thought that it was blank by default but it did not work. Thx
Username: admin Password: Blank is the default on it.  Here is the manual web configuration is on page 48.
yes I have the same manual and it did not work.
Restore the local configuration with 'use current username/password' checked.

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Contrary to what intuition might tell you, rather than keeping the current username/password, that should reset it to the default admin/blank.
I believe what Darr247 highlighted is the way to go.  Problem is I think he's showed you how to do it in the WEBUI which you can't access.  Here are instructions on how to do the reset with the maintenance port.

Connect a PC with hyper terminal (or other terminal emulation) to the serial port in the back of the switch (use a null modem cable, 9600, 8, none, 1).

Powercycle the switch.

on the serial console, use the Startup menu to delete the file 'config'. (see serial capture below)

Switch will be put into unmanaged mode.

Press "MODE" button on front of switch to change mode to managed.  "MANAGED" LED should light up.

connect to the switch with a web browser via ip address

login to the switch via the default username/password: username='admin', password=<leave blank>

This will present the Restore Saved Configuration page.  Click 'Apply'

switch will reboot, connect to switch via web again using defaults above and start configuring switch.
Doh!  [smacking forehead]
I cannot get to the Startup menu on the console menu. All I get is a > prompt after the switch reload. I bought 2 switches and they behave the same way.

When you are at > prompt do the following (by default password should be blank):
console > enable
console # configure
console (config) # username admin password admin123 privilege 15
console (config) # exit
console # exit

Try to login to WEBUI with newly created credentials admin/admin123

Hope this helps!

I can't even get the console> prompt. The only thing I got is the > prompt and when I enter enable, it says unrecognized command.
Type '?' to see what commands are available.
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Without restating the web browser, it will not work.