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Do I Need to Create Name Servers for One Website

I am setting up a public school website. The domain name is managed by a state contracted agency.  In the past, I have used web hosting providers so I just provide the name servers to this agency and all is well. This year I want to run our website on our school servers. I have external ips and two DNS servers (Windows 2008) in my network but my DNS servers are only network DNS servers. Setting up two internet nameservers for one website has me confused. Is there a way I can use external nameservers for my school domain that will run on my server or do I need to create new external nameservers?
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You won't need to create internet facing name servers for this, in fact your setup using DNS for internal IP addresses is fine. Your domain name (E.g. will have the authoritative name servers set by the domain registrar. In other words, the state contracted agency should have their own name servers that you can use, and you'll ask them to point the domain to the web servers external IP address.

In case they don't have name servers configured on the domain name, and they are asking you to provide this then you can use a hosted DNS service. I wouldn't recommend hosting name servers yourself, unless you are knowledgeable in this area. Linode, provide DNS with their virtual servers, which I personally use. Otherwise, I'm sure a Google search for "internet dns hosting" will find a suitable provider.

I would recommend that the domain name get moved to a provider that also gives you name servers, but you mention it is state contracted so this may not be possible.
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Thanks! Great idea!