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Exchange 2010 disabled user undeliverable message

When we disable a user we can still email to that user and do not get back an undeliverable.  Is there a way to get an undeliverable if we disable a user?
Currently the email still goes to the user and that is no good for us.
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Neil Russell
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When you say disable a user, what is you intention? Is the user just away a while ang coming back? Not meant to be deleted?
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Are you disabling the user from Active Directory? Or directly from the Exchange management console?

Either way, after disabling the account, you'll want to run the mailbox cleanup utility, this will go through and pull out any inactive accounts and mark them for deletion. This will truly disconnect them from the system. You can then reconnect them to another user account in AD, or permanently delete the mailbox.

Here's a bit more info about the cleanup agent:
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Neilsr, We normally disable users who are no longer with the company in active directory.  Though we keep the account disabled and not deleted to make sure there is no legal or business need for information they might have had.  Once a period of time goes by we do delete the account.  Though what ends up happening is internal and external people who email may not realize that person is no longer with us.
tracerfett:  We disable them in active directory only.  If we disable them in exchange it is my understanding that is the same as deleting the account in AD (although only for the mailbox).  We have had occasions when someone says can you export that mailbox to a pst so I can go through it.  If we had deleted the account it just makes it that much more difficult for us.
suriyaehnop:  Without me logging in from home into exchange.  If I do this will it be automatic for anyone who is disabled?  The goal is to disable them in AD, and if a message is sent to them the system returns an undeliverable.  Like what you stated, though it would not be fun or easy to do it for each individual.
@seniorcaretech,  suriyaehnop's method will work for anyone you place in the "Sent to People" field. You have to name each individual. It does work. I use this same method for our Temporarily Disabled personell. The setup is easy, I have many hundreds of users and normally have 30-50 that might be disabled at any given time.
I tried though I used the member of distribution group and made a group called disabled_users.  Then I added several people to it.  
I then attempted to email to the users and the distribution group itself.  All that happened was the email was delivered.  No message.  Does it take a while?  Does it not work internal?
You add the people as individuals when it ask for the SENT TO PEOPLE, Make sure the Transport rule is enabled. It should not matter if they beleong to a group, as it will not deleiver to the individual based on the setup. In 2010 the actual verbage for the second part is "send rejection message to sender with enhanced status code"
Then enter your message and the code of "5.7.1". It should not long at all after it is enabled.
User generated imageI will try exactly as mentioned Lazarus98
Though could you explain why what I did will not work?
Yep doing it explicitly and adding the users 1 at a time works.
Do you know if you can say anyone wo is a member of a group then get's the message?  This would be handy as we have 50-100 users disabled a month.  Right clicking and adding a user to a group called disabled would be much easier than showing helpdesk users how to update a transport rule.
I'm not exactly sure why it would not work as you have it really. It probably is not able to parse the ditro list properly. I have never set up our users that are disabled into a distro list. But I know that it does work the way I have set it up and that suriyaehnop has pointed out.
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Ok that makes sense, and would make it easier.  Thanks so much.
I will split the points.  Thanks again