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Pivot Tables, Vlookup and Type Errors

        For Each pi In pt.PivotFields("PAYOR ID").PivotItems
            x = Application.VLookup(CStr(pi.Value), ActiveSheet.Range("V3:V500"), 1, False)
            If CStr(pi.Value) = CStr(x) Then
                  pi.Visible = True
                  pi.Visible = False
            End If
        Next pi

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I am having a type mismatch error on the above code set.

The range "V3:V500" and pi.value are both seperate pivots...which ultimately connect to same source data which is text.

Now the function would not work. The first value is (pi.value) '1010' and this value is not in the range.

So I put in a value 1010 below the pivot on column V, it would not pick it up. When I put '1010 (hence text) it would pick it up.

How do I go on to make excel believe that both pivots contains text? (or atleast make the column V text? - again, column V contains pivot table)

I am asking the range to be converted into text because I know that pi.value becomes text later on (such that there are other values such as BR001, etc)


PS: Application.match also does the same as it treats one pivot-table as text and other as number
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As explained in my article, VLOOKUP requires that the value being sought and the values in the first column of the lookup table be the same data type.

Since you are mixing text and numbers, VLOOKUP is not finding a match, and since you are using False for the 4th argument, VLOOKUP returns an error, and that error is what is causing the type mismatch reported by VBA.  (Similar thing is going on if you use MATCH instead of VLOOKUP.)

To troubleshoot this, it would be helpful to have a sample file.
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Please see attached file

Problem is that both pivots have their final source as text

But one pivot is showing text (the looking up pivot) whereas other (destination) is showing numbers (both fields are actually text)

So I want the destination to be treated as text (since, down the range in the table, there are text)
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thanks! That worked like a charm!