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format cells in ASp classic

I'm working on a site to enter results from atournament for Special Olympics.  Hopefully this will allow us to reduce all the paper we use - Goal is just to print labels at awards.

Here is my problem -  I'm trying to make a page look like brackets for a tournament with drop downs in the postions that get info from a SQL query.  I am trying to figure how to get a line either on bottom, left right or a combination of any of these.  I figured out that in html a statement like

<TD><div style="border: solid 0 #060; border-left-width:2px; padding-left:0.5ex">&nbsp;</div></TD>

will put a line on the left side.

How would I do that in ASP  - the statement to display in site is

    Response.Write "<td class=" &CssClass& " align=Default ><span id=""Brackets_4_Rnd_1_1a_value"""
Response.Write  ">" &CellValue& "</span></td>"

The site does make use of CSS -   and has statements like

.Brackets_4_OddDataText { background-color: #FFF3E8;; color: #000000;; text-align: left;}

I have had the page display CssClass and it shows Brackets_4_OddDataText so not know too much about CSS - I'm guessing it uses that statement to show info.

Should I be looking at the CSS and making a seperate display format line for each?  And then set CssClass prior to each.  If so how would I set up CSS

If this isn't possible - could a jpg of a blank set of brackets be set as background and then work at setting everything in right cell.

Any suggestions and/or help would be greatly appreciated

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