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Macro to search for text then copy and paste range to another sheet

I have a spreadsheet that I would like to create a macro for, I have searched the internet and can’t seem to find what I would like.

What I would like is for the macro to search column I on sheet 1 for the specific text string “your name goes here”
When it finds the text string I would like it to copy that row and then 19 rows under that so 20 all up, I want it to copy the entire row not just a range and then paste the results one after the other down the page on sheet 2.

Can this be done?
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Anne Troy
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I won't be able to program this myself, but the following answers will help the real coder(s):

--What row to begin pasting on sheet 2? First row, first blank row, or a specific row?
--Do you want to just copy it? Or move it?
--Do you need a dialog to ask you what the string will be each time? Or is it the same string each time? (i.e., is it always "your name goes here"?)
--You said "paste the results". Do you mean paste the data or are is there formulas and you want to paste the resulting values? can definitely be done.
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thanks dreamboat, to answer your questions:

- It can start on the first row to being pasting on sheet 2
- Either or, which ever is easiest. Probably copy
-It will always be "your name goes here" it will not change
- I mean paste the results, there are formulas but I figured just pasting will paste both formulas and data.
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This works perfectly!!

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!

You have saved my day!