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System Repair Disk Issue

On my windows 7 laptop under Control Panel - Backup Computer -
Create a System Repair Disk , I receive the following  error
The System Cannot find the file specified (0x80070002).
That's when I hit Create Disk. What is wrong or missing?
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You might verify that this location is valid and contains backups or try a different location.
It is possible the file that runs the backup has been deleted or is corrupted.
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How do you reload the repair disk software?
You could run sfc /scannow to launch the System File Checker.  The sfc /scannow command scans the integrity of all protected Windows 7 system files and replaces incorrect corrupted, changed/modified, or damaged versions with the correct versions if possible.
I did and that did not work.
Are you logged on with administrator rights? If not, quite a few things don't work as expected, and the error messages often will tell you only what the problem is, not what caused it.
You may have to boot from your win7 CD and do a repair install.
@Equitrac_Michael  Your suggestion will not work with operating systems more modern than Windows 2003/Win XP.

To achieve this one, boots into the operating system, loads the installation media and selects upgrade install.
Problem is I cannot create a Repair disk from the Control panel - Create a system repair disc????
@Equitrac_Michael how is doing a startup repair supposed to fix this..

Here is a workaround but it doesn't fix the problem
Boot from your windows 7 DVD, Click repair,  go to the command prompt
type "recdisc"  put a blank CD or DVD in the drive and it will make one for you.
The latest question was, "How do you reload the repair disk software?".  Since the repair disk is a function of the operating system, a repair of the operating system should repair this.  That said, I would agree that trying to run this from the command line is a better approach.  If everything else is running fine, I would not mess with the OS.
A startup repair is not an operating system repair. Basically all it does is check the hard drive and the bcd store and attempt repairs on those 2 items ONLY.

What the asker could do is an overinstall of the operating system by booting windows, inserting his windows disk and then select upgrade (this is how to do a repair install from windows vista onwards)
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