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Synchronizer problem with Exchange offline address book

I have an SBS 2008 network. Users are running Win 7 Pro with Outlook 2007 or 2010. There is a sync folder in Outlook that has a gillion emails in it that contain something like:
21:28:30 Synchronizer Version 12.0.6509
21:28:30 Synchronizing Mailbox 'User Name'
21:28:30 Done
21:28:30 Microsoft Exchange offline address book
21:28:30         0X80200049

Emails seem to be coming and going.

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If you have cached exchange mode turned on, try turning it off.
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That seems to have stopped the messages. Interestingly, if I go back and turn it back on, messages show up in the sync issues folder for the intervening time. So, is this really fixing the problem or just stopping the messages?

in exchange powershell try this:

Update-OfflineAddressBook -Identity "Default Offline Address Book"

Wait a few minutes and restart the File Distribution Service on your CAS and/or run the following command:
 Update-FileDistributionService -Identity CASServer
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When I entered "Update-FileDistributionService -Identity CASServer" it crapped out with:

"The operation could not be performed because object 'CASSserver' could not be found on domain controller..."

try entering your cas server name
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It ran, but with this message:

"WARNING: Server [servername] does not have Unified Messaging role installed. Only offline address book synchronization will be performed."

Is that a big deal?
no.. it should be fine.

can you try to do a send/receive> download address book now and see what the result is?

also, btw  what version of exchange, and updates do you have?
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Task 'Microsoft Exchange' reported error (0x80200049) : 'The operation failed.'

SBS 2008 Exch Std 2007

How do I determined what updates are installed?

go to  Control Panel applet.
then programs
then 'view installed updates'.. it should list some exchange updates/rollups

Let's look at a few other things too.

Open EMC
click on Organization> Mailbox
then select the mounted database
open properties, select the client settings tab
Is the address book set as default address book?
Is there public folder data in there?

Open IIS manager
go to the default web site
then double click http redirection
is it checked?

Also, while in the default website, double click OAB folder. Is there a web.config file there?

If not, go the the OWA Folder and see if it's there. If so, check the permissions on the file and make sure authenticated uses have read permissions.
if not, assign that.
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I see no updates specifically for Exchange. There are updates for .net, office, sql server, windows, sharepoint, and SBS 2008.

I see no database under Organization Configuration > Mailbox. There are tabs for address lists, managed default folders, managed custom folders, etc. If I go to Server Config > Mailbox, I see a db in the bottom panel of the window for First Storage Group with a Mailbox Database. Under that is Second Storage Group with Public Folder Database. If I right-click on the Mailbox Database > properties, and select the Client Settings tab, I see the following:

Default public folder database:
[servername]\Second Storage Group\Public Folder Database

Offline address book:
\Default Offline Address Book

In IIS mgr, nothing is checked under "HTTP Redirect" on ANY of the sites, included Default Web Site. What do I check, exactly?

The only site that has an OAB folder is SBS Web Applications. It has a web.config file that contains:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                <windowsAuthentication useKernelMode="true" />

The web.config files only had SYSTEM and Administrators, so I added Authentication Users with read (and read & execute) permissions

At this point I still get the same error msg with I do a send/receive> download address book.

you don't need to redirect anything. just wanted to make sure it wasn't checked.

on the server click start then  Run >    iisreset
after that try a OAB download again

also, you can find the server in EMC and view the properties for the version,

or in exch powershell   get-exchangeserver
you can get a basic version number from the EMC by clicking on the help, about menu.
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Tried iisreset and still get the error msg

Server is Version 8.1 (Build 240.6)
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actually you could go to sp3

here is the documentation from microsoft.

Notice in the article:

Note Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2) on a computer that is running Windows SBS 2008, you first had to install an installation tool. For more information about the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP 2 Installation Tool for Windows SBS 2008, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft KNowledge Base:


 Description of the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2 Installation Tool for Windows Small Business Server 2008

This tool is not required to install Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP3 on a computer that is running Windows SBS 2008.
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Thanks, I will run the updates this weekend and will let you know.

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I ran the updates for the OS and for Exchange 2007. At least one user is getting this error message in Outlook: "Task 'SharePoint' reported error (0x00040102): 'Outlook cannot connect to the SharePoint list (Companyweb - Calendar). The server may not be reachable from your location. ... An error occured connecting to http:// companyweb. A connection to, an alternate Web address for the SharePoint site, will be attempted."

The the first page of the message is repeated.

Is this error for Outlook 2010 user?

also, are they getting address book updates now?
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Yes is an error in Outlook 2010. They are now able to update the address book.

great news with the address book..

This seems to be a glitch in Outlook 2010 from what i can tell.

Are the 2007 clients functioning properly?

here is a couple links to may have seen them...they don't offer much resolution, but I haven't seen much that has.

If they don't help, I'd suggest starting a new question and posting to sharepoint, Outlook and SBS topics again.
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Thanks. You've been very helpful.

my pleasure Mark and thanks

wish I could help more with the calendar issue...
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I posted the SharePoint/calendar error as another question.