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Help me install iPhoto 9 on my MacBook?


I'd like iPhoto on my Macbook 10.6.8

All the downloads I find are upgrades. I can't find a good starting point?

How do I install iPhoto?
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Are you sure it is not already installed.  Have a look in the Applications folder.

Otherwise, put the install disk in and re-install it from there.
Go to and try to considered upgrading to 10.7 Lion. If that doesnt help then try the iPhoto 9.2.3 update.
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I don't have an install disk.
Last time, I bought it online, I think, and I don' know where to find it. This is a new HD.
Must I pay again?
I only need to transfer my pics from my iPhone to files on MacBook.

Is there another way?
If you bought it from apple you should be able to download it again.

Load your app-store application - it should be on your dock next to finder icon.  From there you should be able to redownload purchased applications.

The App-Store claims I have done no purchases, which is silly, cause I got iPhoto before. - But, I had to reformat this HD. I have purchased things for my iPhone.
I think I had iPhoto '07,  not iPhoto '11,

but either would be fine.

Why is there no history in my App Store?

Must I re-buy iPhoto?
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Might there be a phone number to initiate something?
In the US, try 800-275-2273. There are other numbers on the support page I linked to in my previous comment.