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Exchange server 2010 to Office 365 Cloud Migration

Dear Sir/ Support,

I am planning to migrate my on-premises Exchange server 2010 to Office 365 Cloud with 30 mailboxes.

My current setup is like this Exchange 2010sp1 with dynamic  WAN IP(Not a live Server) and exchange pop3 Connector configured for  downloading the mail from hosted pop3 email domain (Network Solution) to my exchange server. Line bandwidth is 40 mbps

My doubts are below

1)      How to configure Outlookanyware please give a step by step Instruction

2)      I purchased fully root domain name dyndns(mycompany.org) instead of subdomain dyndns(mycompany.dyndns.org)  to point  outlook anywhere  in this case where I have to create autodiscover record ,is it in DYNDNS provider domain or in local exchange DNS.in the case of live exchange I never face this challenge

3)      Trusted SSL is OK for me.

Please help me if I configured Outlook anywhere properly is that help me for O365 Cloud Migration,bcz in my case my exchange is not live


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