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Migrating from Server 2003 to Server 2008

I have setup in the past windows server 2003 with remote desktop connections. I am getting ready to upgrade my companys server to 2008 with terminal services. There are approximately 20 users that need local and remote access and will be accessing the resources on the server via terminal services. Their individual workstations will be nothing more than clients accessing the server resources. What would you recommend for a non rack mount system, cpu, memory, hard drive configuration, raid 1 system disk, raid 5 data disk and how much time do you think it would take to setup a basic system such as this. Would it be necessary to virtualize the terminal services server or could all of it be run from the one server? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Lee W, MVP

8/22/2022 - Mon
Lee W, MVP

Necessary to virtualize?  No... but a VERY GOOD IDEA?  YES!!!!!  Virtualization provides a great deal of flexibility and unless you have a VERY good reason, I will not install direct to hardware anymore.

As for requirements for 20 users?  Single single-core CPU, RAID 1 7.2K RPM hard drive of no more than 80 GB and 4 GB of RAM should cover you if all the users are only running notepad.

Dual 8-core processors, RAID 10 using 15K RPM drives and 128 GB of RAM if your doing high-end graphic design and other resource intensive things.

Bottom line, you need to provide far more information for a more detailed and appropriate answer.

20 users, logging in to run outlook with pop3 access to another email hosting website. Several users will be running quickbooks, most will be working with MS office, file sharing and about 6 network printers shared amongst the users. Won't Virtualizing the terminal services and server 2008 will require the hardward to boot into something such as Xenserver or something to manage the virtual machines. Can this be done from a standard server hardware?
Lee W, MVP

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