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SBS 2011 Licensing question

Hi all,

Purchasing SBS2011 for a customer with 15users in total. We want to run Server2008 on a second server for SQL etc.

I was going to purchase Premium addon which includes Server2008 and 5 CALS. Do I just need to purchase another 10 Premium addon CALs? I don't need the standard as well do I?
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SBS standard comes with 5 standard CAL's but those are basically upgraded to premium CAL's when you buy the premium add on.

Keep in mind you can mix standard and premium CAL's.  Only those users that need to access SQL need a premium CAL.

From the SBS licensing FAQ:
Q. How many CALs are included with the SBS 2011 Premium Add On Server?
A. 5 CALs are included with the server license for SBS 2011 Premium Add-on regardless of the channel you acquired it in (OEM, FPP or Volume Licensing).
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Ok thanks.

Well all users will need to access the second server running Server2008 which will be running Sage Accounts and Sage Act!

(1) So just by accessing the Server running server2008, that will need a premium CAL? Even if they don't use SQL?
No. They only need a premium CAL if in some way they access SQL.
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ok thank you
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I hardly think awarding "thank you", your own post, 0 points is a fair way to close the question.  A correct answer was provided, with backup information my Microsoft, and additional information as requested.
Sorry didn't mean to do that! Much appreciated your help.
Thanks unrealone1.  I thought it must be a mistake, perhaps you were new to EE, but then I looked at your profile.  I appreciate it was just a glitch.

Thanks again.