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Migrating server 2008 FE to new hardware without backup

I have a client running server 2008 FE which I believe is a variant of small business server.

We are running AD, exchange and several proprietary database driven applications.

The server has some major issues, the primary one being that volume shadow copy is broken, and thus windows backup will not run.

We do have data and application backups running via the use of third party scripts, but don't have a system state backup.

We are planning to build a new server and move everything over, but I would like to know the correct or smoothest way to do this.

Although the network only consists of 7 clients the software in use is bespoke and uptime is critical.

Would like some advise on the best way to proceed.
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I would say the best way to do it is to backup everything using snapshot the whole harddisk and then move the whole server via clonezilla network cloning to the new server. After you have cloned the new server you will get bluescreen, then repair the windows server and you should be good to go, but keep that backup close you might need it. Theres no easy way for this, because of the hardware change.
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But then will we be transferring the volume shadow copy error and other errors? (we have had alot of dns issues as well)??

I was wondering if it's possible to add a member server and gradually migrate everything?
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Vss problem is outlined here:

Basically I just couldn't find any information relating to the error code for 2008 OS (all known solutions were specifically for 2003).

They do have email - although I'm planning to back this up in the next few days with exmerge.

Also, there are several parties responsible for various softwares (it's a dental practice) and I just think co-ordinarily everyone for the reload will be a big task, and coupled with the fact that time is so expensive to them and money less so...

In light of the above, do you still think a reload is best or could I do a migration?
--either way, for security I will be purchasing a new system and new license so I have a failsafe if something goes wrong.

Lastly, I could also look at a repai of Vss, but I just don't want any risk of creating a bigger problem when we are not prepared for downtime.
Always better to start from a known good condition where possible.

Did you search this forum or the net for solutions to that error code?  I see dozens.  Some on this forum, some on MS forums.  Here is the most common fix, where the reg commands can be entered into a .bat or .cmd file and run from notepad.  Don't forget the net stop and net start.

Going forward:
AFAIK, you cannot migrate applications, they have to be installed, unless they are simply part of a sql type database.  But if they have any executable code outside of the .mdf file you will have to install those programs on the server anyway.

But when you say they have email, what kind?  Are you sure this is not SBS?  What does the Splash screen at the logon say?  What is the exact result of ver from the cmd line?

If the existing OS is OEM, and you want to use the same prod key, you will have to reinstall on the same hardware.  If you are going to start over, and it is not OEM, you can use new hardware.  I would speak with the LOB vendors and see if you can create a new box off line and move everything except newest data file.  When it is set, move the close of business data on (say) Friday, move the mail, save the desktops and favorites for the users and move on.

If this is NOT SBS you should be able to do this on a second DC, repoint everybody and demote the server you have now.

Also, speak with the folks at  Their expertise has grown to be able to migrate anything Windows to anything Windows.
Yes I searched for a fix - that page you suggest came up most, but if you notice, it's specific to 2003 and it did not work in my case.

When reading Wikipedia page for windows server, it describes 2008 fe as being in the Sbs family, however, I will check tomorrow using your methods.

Regarding app migration I know install is necessary - they have 3 apps in particular, one I think just uses the server to store flat data, one is a very old and obscure database, cannot remember the name, the other is proprietary.

All three can be moved / re-installed by their support departments, but if I reload from scratch and anything goes wrong with any app, we will have downtime- but if it was possible to migrate to a member server one app at a time, we would have less risk of any downtime- I guess the main point is whether this server is actually Sbs right?

Also, I'll take a look at sbsmigration, heard of them but never used them...
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The register the dll's fix is not version specific, no matter how it looks.  As you stepped through the list, what was the response when it was not "succeded".
^^yes, I checked and the console is there, so it's definitely Sbs.

Flyfishing, I can't remember the response, perhaps I'll try those steps again first and report back.

However, I did check on and they do support Sbs 2008-Sbs 2008 so I am thinking about taking that route. Has anybody ever used that service?
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Has anybody ever used that service

Thousands, ttbomk.
Yes, many times. It's the way of choice by lots of SBS admins. Jeff at sbsmigration is very knowlegable and always ready to help so highly recommended.
^^and what they offer is a no downtime migration isn't it?

Ok, I'm going to get exchange backed up first. Then I'll try the Vss repair again, if it doesn't work I'll go with the swing migration kit.

Thanks guys.
It's possible to do it without a downtime although ideally if you leave the mailbox move for the weekend as it takes quite a while and has not much to do with neither your network speed nor the power of your machines. Last time I remember it was going 2GB/h for me. It's throteled by Exchange
and what they offer is a no downtime migration isn't it?

That is one thing.  The best thing about a swing migration is at no time is the server at risk because of your activities regarding migration.  The MS method kills the source and if it fails you have to restore from backup and begin again.

You can backup the existing server with a trial download of Shadow Protect from Storage Craft.  You would need to buy the recovery environment if you had to restore, but the image based backup insures you get everything.  Create a CD fromthe ISO, boot on the CD and backup the every partition to an external USB drive.
Storage Craft do 3 day fully functional free bootable IT version for that matter if you conntact their support
I am a huge fan of, and probably only 1 of 2 choices available to you, the other being your issue must be repairable,  have you considered a paid support call to Microsoft.  Repairing would save a migration process, reinstalling your apsps, and reactivating all software.
Yaro, exchange db is only 2GB so that's not a problem :-)
Robwill, yes maybe you are right - the only thing I worry about is causing an un-planned issue trying to fix the problem.

Anyway, I have decided On the following:

1. Get exchange db backed up with exmerge (running via xp client).

2. Attempt a repair to the server - if I cannot do it myself I will use Microsoft support.

3. If that fails ill do a swing migration - actually I've wanted to try that for ages!
Sounds like a plan. Good luck with it