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JRE 6u33 for Windows 7 64 bit installation

Here's my July 4th question.  I have been reading the JRE 6 installation online documentation.
I came across the process of installing it using the silent method with this command;
<jre>.exe   /lang=1033 /s IEXPLORER=1 MOZILLA=1 STATIC=1 /L C:\<path>JRE-setup.log

First question; I looked in the Program Files/java/.../bin for the <jre>.exe (jre-6-rc-windows-i586.exe) and do not find it.  I see the "java" which is the "application" could this be it?

How should I or could I install/setup the JRE to run on Windows 7 64 bit?

The <path> above I will fix later.
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It looks like you're reading the docs from here?

If so the <jre>.exe it's talking about is the file you download from Oracle.
E.g. For 64bit windows from here:

It should be called:
"jre-6u33-windows-x64.exe" and be in the download folder of your browser.

Once you have that file you can run it with whatever options you wish.  (Or just double click on it to install it normally - rather than silently).

There's no special requirements for 64-bit Windows 7 - just make sure you're getting the correct installer from Oracle.

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Doug, thank you for your prompt response.  Darn, I did not think that it was that executable they were writting about.  I did dougle click on that executable, so I reckon I'm good to continue.
I will issue the points shortly.  Once again thank you for the clarification.
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Doug, may I ask this next question?  Being that the JRE was installed, I now am focused on the jdk6u33 for Windows 7 64 bits.  I was reading the installation documentation at the Oracle site...gee what a joke, it loops back.  So I decided to look elsewhere.
I found this; 
Where it reads; With NT/W2K/XP/W2003/Vista/W7-32/W7-64, you don’t need to do this since the environment automatically expands as needed. Further, there is no config.sys or autoexec.bat file.
Question: Is this statement correct?
I'm hoping to find how to set up the environement variables, if I need to do so in Windows 7.
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Thanks for answering two in one.