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how to use modprobe command

I want to use modprobe command instead of insmod command to insert module.

"modprobe mydevice" is not working and giving error as mydevice not found.

what is the correct way to use modprobe command
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As long as you are root or using "sudo" to act as root, your above command is OK. But of course the module you are trying to load must exist on the PC (available modules are usually located under /dev/modules/"Kernel-Version"/.... and have a .ko extenstion.

Another thing to remember is that there should also be a device attached to the PC that needs that module to run.

if you run "man modprobe" you get a short info on how to use modprobe.
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If it's still not working, after following the above advice, please provide the specific example of the module you are trying to load and also provide the exact error message.

such as

# modprobe usblp
FATAL: Module usblp not found.