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Linux mail client

Hello, I’m looking for a linux mail client with the following features:
• Can  be started by cron authenticating with username and password against a MS Exchange server or other provider like google.
• Mail can be sent using commands and the commands can be included inside a shell
Thank you for helping me.
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Try cURL... 

Curl can handle smtp submissions. It would be a little bit turned around as you use one curl command run from a script per message.
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I was looking for something more direct.
Anyway thank you for the help.


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use fetchmail to get your mails

an introduction here:
fetchmail quick intro
it's really easy to configure

 and mail or mutt to send email.
echo "mail body" | mail -s "subject"
you need to install a mail server before.
I like the simple configuration of postfix
fetchmail is for reading & sending on, it seems to be just the initial sending.
the request was [ please correct me if i'am wrong ]  for a command line oriented mail sender with a whole bunch of options that the mailx package [ mail command ] doesn't  provide.

if you don't like curl this email project might do the trick for you as well.,
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Hello, in my opinion  SSMTP is the easiest way to send a simple log mail. It does just what I need no more no less. Moreover I don't have in worry about dependencies (curl) or install a mail server to send a mail (fetchmail).<br />Thank you for helping me.<br /><br />Regards.<br /><br />Luciano