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MSACCESS print code converted from com to usb printing.

We have an Access 2002 based ticketing program/database that prints directly to the ticketing printers through com ports.  I would like to take advantage of the usb ports on the printers to gain speed.  Can someone help?  The Following is the print routine code:

Private Sub PrintTicket(TT As String, TTT As String, Cash As Double)
        If Not pPrint Then Exit Sub
    Hold = Cash
    Open "COM1" For Output As #1
    Print #1, "<LHT1120,400,240,0>";
    Print #1, "<F1><HW3,2><RC240,330>"; TT;
    Print #1, "<HW3,1><RC278,330>PHOTO ID REQUIRED";
    Print #1, "<F1><HW3,1><RC315,330>EXPIRES 10/07/2012";
    Print #1, "<F1><HW3,1><RC315,560>"; INITIALS;
    Print #1, "<RC355,330><F5><HW1,2>"; TTT;
    Print #1, "<F1><RL><HW2,2><RC140,945><HW3,3>SV";
    Print #1, "<F1><RL><HW2,1><RC350,950>"; INITIALS;
    Print #1, "<RC350,975>"; TT;
    Print #1, "<F1><RL><HW2,1><RC350,1000>EXPIRES 10/07/2012";
     Print #1, "<RC350,1025>"; Format(Time, "h:nn AM/PM");
    Print #1, "<F1><RL><HW2,1><RC200,1025>"; LONGDATE;
  Print #1, "<F1><RL><HW2,1><RC350,1050>"; TTT;
    Print #1, "<p>";
End Sub

Thank you
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