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jquery Accordion - how do you only show the fully formed version?

Hello Experts,

Currently, my accordion takes a little bit of time to load.
During this time, you can see it being formed - which isn't the nicest thing!

What I am trying to do to prevent the user from seeing the formation is to encapsulate
the accordion within <div> tags.  Then hide the div when the page loads.
Is there a callback route that I can call after the accordion loads to show the hidden div with my beautiful (ok, not that beautiful!) accordion?
Or is there a better way of doing this?

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Jon Norman
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Are you using any third party jQuery Accordion plugin?

If yes, try using jQuery UI Accordion -

You can customize with different styles too!

Hope it helps u...
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No - I am using the jquery UI Accordion.

have you seen my comment #38157560 - about the difference between $(document).ready() and $(window).ready()?
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Hi Jon,

No - I missed it. I will try your suggestion next week as I am currently working on something else.

Many Thanks!
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Thank you!!!
No worries.