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Move Security Group Members to Another Group

I have a security group with a lot of nested groups. I have another security group with the same number of tested groups. How can I take the members of the nested groups and move them to the new security group.



Move members of London and Paris corresponding group:

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George Khairallah
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Are you looking to do this in a scripted basis? or just a one time thing. Would something like this work ?  (it's quick'n'dirty, but if it's one time, then it shouldn't be a problem)

dsquery group -name "groupname" "ou=ouname,dc=example," |dsget group -members |dsget user -samid

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Or something like this may also be useful to you:
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You can try to achieve this with powershell. This is not tested script, try it and report back:
Import-Module ActiveDirectory
Get-ADGroupMember -Identity London_SG_1 | foreach { Set-ADGroup -Identity London_SG_2 }
Get-ADGroupMember -Identity Paris_SG_1 | foreach { Set-ADGroup -Identity Paris_SG_2 }

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Thank you both for the replies! This could be a regular occurrence as we try to simplify our group structure.

I modified the second script a little bit to use the quest AD cmdlets. If the script is this:

get-qadgroupmember -identity "SD_Test Group 1" -indirect -type computer | Add-QADGroupMember -identity "SD_Test Group 2"

It will get all of the nested computers from SD_TEST Group 1 but put them in the root of SD_TEST Group 2.

If I add in the foreach statement, I am prompted to type in the computer names.
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The script accomplishes my goal! Sharing for others to see.