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Random restart and can't boot windows

Desktop restarts randomly and will not reboot, instead it produces long beeps.  I checked the Windows event logs for errors and found none.  If you do a hard shutdown, and then turn the computer back on it boots normally.  If you restart it, you get the long beeps and it will not boot.  I checked the beep codes for the bios and it indicated an overheating CPU.  This is not the case as the CPU is at a normal temp.

I moved on to troubleshooting RAM,  I tried reseating the memory sticks, same thing occurs.  When removing one stick or the other, windows fails to boot.  I also tried other compatible RAM sticks and windows fails to boot with them.

Anything else I can try?
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Buy a tube of thermal grease, remove heat sink, clean, reapply thermal paste secure heatsink.

Loss of thermal grease and a loose heatsink will quickly overheat the cpu without you noticing.
Check with the motherboard manufacture to see if there is a fix for this.  If you are experiencing this issue then chances are others are if it a software related issue.  It sound like you may need to update the BIOS version level.
Flashing the BIOS should not be the first attempt to fix...Take what the actual beep code says and rule it out for sure. Flashing BIOS comes with many risks. Should not be the first step in troubleshooting..
Check for the manufactures update site first.  Also check all connections.  A USB Hub maybe at fault.
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Reapplying thermal paste did not fix the problem. There was a bios update that i applied, which also did not fix the problem.
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Thanks I will try that.
Swapped out the power supply and the problem is still there.  I am going to assume it is the motherboard, since it is an old computer I'm not going to invest anymore time into troubleshooting it.  Thanks for all of the advice!!
I believe the motherboard needs to be replaced, I'm not going to do it since the computer is old it's just not worth it thanks for your help though!!