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PHP cart for product options workflow

I'm looking for a php shopping cart that can handle a particular, non-typical pricing workflow.  I'm selling an item with additionally priced options, up to the first 3 of which are included in the base price.

For example, I have a $100 base product that can be ordered with around 40 additional options.  Each option costs $10, but up to 3 options are included free with the order.  So, The base product with 1, 2 or 3 options is $100, but the base product with 4 options is $110; the base product with 5 options is $120; etc.

Is there a downloadable (non-hosted) php shopping cart -- free or at any price -- that will provide this functionality?  Are there a few?

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I believe this functionality can be achieved with open cart

It's free and open source.

You can add "options" per product and have them effect the price in certain ways.  You can then set up a discount which will let you subtract the cost of three products.
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Thanks for the response!

I'm new to carts.  But my understanding of the OpenCart discounts functionality is that it applies to products, not product options.  But maybe I'm wrong.

Are you saying that there's a way to configure OpenCart so that the first 3 options of a product will be free, but for 4 or more options there will be a cost per option?

Thanks again.
You could configure it so that it will give them an equivalent discount (i.e. call the discount "three free options" with a value of $30).
It's not clear to me that what you're describing is the same as what I'm asking.

I will have a list of about 40 options, probably checkboxes.  When up to any 3 of those 40 checkboxes are selected, I'll need the "discount" to equal $10 x the number of checkboxes selected ($10, $20, or $30).

Are you saying OpenCart's "discount" feature will enable this?
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