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How to create a Package that retrieves records and sends a message


I kindly request you to help me on how to create a simple package for the following senior, I'm new in this area and i did a workaround inside Business Intelligence Development Studio, it seems to me it is easy so far but after specifying for me which flows to use.

1-Open a connection to MS SQL Server R2
2-Choose a Table (In my senior it is one table)
3-Write a query

3.1- if the query retrieve records then do the following
            Send a Mail
            Write a DML like updating another table
            do nothing

3.2  This will be scheduled in the database to be run every minute (don't worry the DB   Administrator will take care after i send him the package file)

what flows to use and what about the query i'm using :

Four Main Columns:
Request NO
status    ------        Status has values like (Open =1, Closed=2, Canceled=3)
et          ----------    End Time
sdate     ------        Date

Select Count(*)
From Table
Where status = 1
            Server Time > et            
            Server Date = sdate
1- What is the right type of the server time and date, i'm using datetime2(7) for field End Time and Date for field sdate.

2- After i get a record with a status of Open, i need to change the record to a status of Closed to prevent the job from sending a message every minute, so where shall i write this DML statement:

UPDATE table
SET status = 2
WHERE   Server Time > et            
              Server Date = sdate
               status = 1

3- When sending the message how can i define or pass the request number field of that particular record in the message body.

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If it is not mandatory for your business process to use a DTSX package to accomplish that task you can sue SQL code like pseudo code below to do that exact same thing easier, and more control on the code side:

declare @report_file_name varchar(30),
            @sql varchar(max),
            @emailbody varchar(4000),
            @subjecttext varchar(1000),
            @parameter sysname
      select @parameter = request_number from your_table_name;
      set @subjecttext = 'This is a TEST email'+@parameter
      set @sql = N'SET NOCOUNT ON
                        SELECT whatever FROM whatever_table WHERE whatever'

      SET @report_file_name = 'file_list_at_' + convert(varchar(10),getdate(), 112) + '.txt'
      SET @emailbody = 'Here is the list you wanted as today(  '+ convert(varchar(10),getdate(), 102)
      EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail
            @profile_name = 'Mail Profile', -- mail profile here
            @subject = @subjecttext,
            @body = @emailbody,
            @body_format = 'TEXT',
            @query = @sql,
            @attach_query_result_as_file = 1,
            @execute_query_database = 'YourDB', -- your database name here
            @query_attachment_filename = @report_file_name,
            @query_result_header = 1,
            @query_result_no_padding = 1,
            @query_result_separator = '      ',
            @query_result_width = 1000;
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I'm testing,  so far so good.
Thanks to all.

I managed to accomplish my requirements from the valuable links that  you provided.