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vmware disk space problem

In our virtual environment i am not getting correct disk space size of virtual machines. some of VMs used space and provisioned space are 0 and others are wrong. for example if we set on 40gb space its showing 44.3 gb space. we used thik provisioning,
so please let me know how can i correct this problem so it will show me actual used space. atleast in which its says 0, that vms are running on 40 gb of disk space. so how i can get that value on used space. for ur reference i am attaching snap shot.
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This is correct.  There is 5% overhead for VMDK encapsulation so a 40GB LUN will typically show 42GB used.  This is just for the VMDK.  but you also have to take your swap file into consideration.  If you provide a VM 4GB of RAM than it will create a 4GB swap file while the machine is running.  This can be mitigated by reserving memory for a VM but then it cannot be used by any other VM which is typically not practical.

You can browse the datastore and see the actual VMDK file sizes as a sanity check.
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Hi Paul,
thanks for quick reply. also can you tell me how can i get correct size of some of the VMs which showing me 0 size in used space and provisioned space? if you can check the snapshot i attached.
I don't think the snapshot was included, please post.
nevermind, I didn't it on the intial post.  What type of storage are these on?
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Check this KB, you may need to shutdown and re-add the VMX file into inventory
Hi Paul,
i gonna try this tomorrow. if its there any other possibilities then also let me know so that i check everything together.
Let's try to re-register VMX first.  What model SAN are you running?  NFS or VMFS?
In addition to what Paul mentions - VMs have log files as well as, potentially, snapshots that take up space on Datastores. VMware suggests when provisioning VMs to acct for appx 125% extra space (if converting from physical). This is to cover for 1. the (thick) VMDK, 2. logs, 3. snapshots.

we are running VMFS.
Correct - Datastores are VMFS....well, and NFS if you're using a NAS device. But both house VMs and the VM directories have the same files that take up space.

Were you able to remove the VMs from Inventory (or at least 1), then re-add to see if the data in your VM Tab showed appropriately?
while i am trying to add vm in inventory i am getting this error msg. "the object or item referred to could not be found"
can someone help me with this error.
Are browsing to the vmx file?  If so what is the size the vmx file?
yes i can browse the .vmx file. its size is 3.12kb.
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if you can give me step by step that will help me. because i dont want to take more risk on that.
Please provide a screenshot of the datastore folder that the VM is in.