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Better search feature

I have a search tool in my website that returns all items (database = sql server) that contain the search string.

Presently, if I type 'red shirts' into search, it returns all records that contain this string in the description field of the items

Now, i need to modify it.

If an item description contains "shirt - red", then also the above search string (red shirts) should return such items. In other words, my search result should return all items that contain one or more words that were entered in the search irrespective of their sequence (red shirt or shirt - red)

How should I modify my database query?
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You can use full text search, Full-text search is an optional component of the SQL Server Database Engine.

USE AdventureWorks2008R2;
FROM Production.Product
WHERE CONTAINS(Name, ' "Mountain" OR "Road" ')

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Querying SQL Server Using Full-Text Search
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So do i have to first split all the words in the search text box and use as above with the OR seperator?
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