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Spanning-tree Topology change notification

I am wanting the ability to get Spanning-tree Topology change notifications to a snmp trap server. I am currently evaluation SolarWinds Orion NPM. I have traps setup and working on a number of devices including Cisco CS3560, CS6509, and CS6513. I am receiving snmp traps notifications fine. The traps I thought I could setup to send a notification when a topology change had been made was through this command:

snmp-server enable traps bridge topologyChange

However, I only receive a topology change notification when a direct uplink has went down, and not when a  switch downstream creates an stp change that cause a topology change on the upstream device. If i do a

sh spanning-tree detail    on my CS6513 (upstream switch)  I see there has been a topology change. Maybe I'm not using the correct trap or something. A case use on what I'm trying to achieve  is this:

Two Devices:   CS3560 connected to CS6513. STP enabled on both. The CS3560 reboots, or has a topology change happen, that in turn causes a topology change on the CS6513. I want a notification when the change occurs on the CS6513.

Thanks for your help.
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It may be that teh trap is getting lost due to the topology change moveing the links into a blocked or learning state whilst spanning tree converges. This will probably cause the SNMP traps to be dropped. Have you tried connecting to the CS6513 directly to see if you recieve the trap then?
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I am fairly new to setting up snmp traps, so I'm not exactly sure how to receive traps while directly connected to the device. I am sending my traps right now through the command:

snmp-server host ip address community string

How can I send a trap, or view the traps while being directly connected? I don't feel this will make a huge difference, as the upstream device never loses it's connection to the snmp trap server, so the traps should still arrive as normal? Keep in mind I'm also fairly new on how STP works, but I feel I have a decent understanding of it.
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