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File replication broken on 1 server, Windows 2003

4 sites, at least 1 server at each site

Main site has two DCs.

"DC2" is replicating to "Remote1" server. Remote1 server isn't replicating at all. I've checked DNS settings, read a million threads on this site, I'm either looking in the wrong spot or doing the wrong things. I'm almost positive it is not a connectivity issue. I can ping and resolve with DNS to and from each server.

Where do I begin?
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Is "Remote1" server is in the same domain as the "DC2".
Can you paste the output from Replmon or Repladmin?

Also you can check by adding a test object(a user or a group) on one DC and check whether the object is replicating to the other DC after 5 min(default replication time).

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Figured it out before anyone responded. I posted my results for someone else future reference if they have the same issue.