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iPhone questions on features

I have a client who would like to switch from Blackberry to iPhone. Client wants to avoid as much "learning curve" as possible and also wants to confirm that a few certain things will definitely work on the iPhone before making the switch. Nothing would be more epic fail than to go ahead and then find out some features didn't work.

I rock a windows phone so I don't have first hand experience with these details. The successful answer will give me the information I need to make sure this client is confident making the move, or guide them in the right direction. Accuracy is paramount!


Client will use a POP3 email account, and specifically desires the ability to delete a message from the iPhone and KEEP that message in the server inbox. This method is clients way of keeping the phone "clean" and letting the Outlook inbox get "messy" and client is not open to changing their methodology. iPhone must be able to delete email from the phone ONLY and preserve the inbox state.

Client requires an HTML or Rich Text signature block in outgoing email. When sending email from iPhone, is there such ability?


Client reads New York Times and Wall Street Journal. When NYT stopped supporting a reader app for the Blackberry, client started looking for a new phone. Reading the news in a tiny non-scaling browser window is not what the client wants. Larger text which self-formats to fit the screen is what they are looking for. Is there an app for reading specifically New York Times and Wall Street Journal on iPhone? Have you used it? Is it great, or just ok?
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