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Microsoft Outlook Client 2007 vs Windows 7


I have simulation related to the Microsoft Exchange 2007 and Microsoft Outlook client (Office 2007) in the enterprise environment.

If the client machines (with the XP operating system), everything is OK
-      The client machines (with XP operating system) at LAN 1 ( can connect or enable the email, either with “Outlook Client” (Office 2007) or “OWA (outlook web access”; the emails work very well
-      The client machines (with XP operating system) at LAN 2 ( can connect or enable the email, either with “Outlook Client” (Office 2007) or “OWA” (outlook web access); the emails work very well

But If the client machines use the Windows 7, I have the problems with “Outlook Client” (I can not ENABLE it at all); the error message are as the followings: “ Outlook cannot log on. Verify you are connected to the network and are using the proper server and mailbox name. The Connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action”

However, If I execute “Outlook Web Access” (OWA) at the same Windows 7 above, the users are able to send or receive the emails (and other things) well.

So, This seems the problem of Microsoft Outlook Client (Office 2007) at Windows 7 [Because if I use the same Outlook Client (office 2007) at Windows XP, everything work well]

Any help?

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8/22/2022 - Mon

First, Outlook 2007 works just fine in Windows 7. I have used that, I have clients with it, and no problems.

So then, you probably need to look at your Windows 7 connection and make sure you can connect to the Exchange Server. Ping it for starters. Ping the Outlook connection address exactly as you keyed it into Outlook.

Check that Windows Firewall is not in the way (disable it temporarily). Are you using Kaspersky by any chance?

.... Thinkpads_User

Hey Thinkpads_User,

1) I tried with 2 Windows 7 clients: Win71 (It is at LAN 1) and Win72 (It is at LAN 2)
2) The name of the Exchange server is "EXCH2007"
3) I turned off the Window Firewall both at Win71 and Win72
4) The connection is very good:
- Win71 can ping Win72 or vice versa
- Win71 can ping EXCH2007 or vice versa
- Win72 can ping EXCH2007 or vice versa

5) As I told above, I can ENABLE the "microsoft outlook client 2007" at XP clients
6) And the fact, The "OWA" (outlook web access) which will be launched at Win71 and Win72 working very well (the users can email each other smoothly)
7) This must be " a certain setting" at the Microsoft Outlook Client 2007 which must be twigged or setting at Microsoft Exchange itself? Do you know which ones?


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Hey Thinkpads_User,

I uncheck "the select cached Exchange Mode" (and I also have not enabled my microsoft office 2007), then I got the above error message. When I "select the Cached exachange mode" by default, it is working. Thanks

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William Peck

I think Outlook on Exchange now requires Cached Exchange Mode. So good that you got it working and I was pleased to help. ... Thinkpads_User

I think Outlook on Exchange now requires Cached Exchange Mode.

Always good advice from Thinkpads_user, but I don't believe that Exchange actually requires Cached Exchange Mode within the Outlook configuration.  We actually have a Group Policy configured that turns off Cached Exchange Mode on our desktop computers running Outlook 2007/2010.